About: Doriprismatica atromarginata Like all nudibranchs, the Black-Margined Nudibranch is a type of sea slug. It grows to up to 5 cm in length and can be found in the coral rubble in the waters off Singapore. It has exposed gills, which are visible as a feathery structure at its back. It looks like a slice of cheesecake, with a creamy-white, yellow or pale brown body and black ‘ruffled’ edges. It is poisonous to predators, as it absorbs toxic chemical from the sponges it preys upon. Its colours warn predators of its toxicity. Doriprismatica Atromarginata Photos by Lisa Lim and Cheo Pei Rong Read more about this animal on Flora and Fauna Web

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Read Past Issues Subscribe Issue 29 Vol 2/2016 Apr - Jun 2016

Main Feature

Let’s Go ‘Wild’ at Kranji Marshes

Get ready to walk on the ‘wild’ side at Kranji Marshes, where marsh, woodland and grass habitats meet.

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People & Places

History, Heritage and Honour

A visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens offers you a chance to learn about history, appreciate heritage and honour the efforts of our Chief Gardener.

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Recreation & Activities

Weird Wonderful Wildlife

Are you familiar with our local wildlife? Here are eight of the weirdest but most wonderful flora and fauna that can be found right here in Singapore.

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Untitled-2 Conservation

Natural Heritage: 10 Native Plants of Singapore

Our native plants are more than ‘bunches of leaves’ or ‘wild grasses’! Delve into our natural heritage by learning more about 10 native plants of Singapore.

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gardening1 Gardening

The Singapore Garden Festival is Back!

Can’t wait to admire the beautiful blooms, greenery and displays at the Singapore Garden Festival in July? We give you an exclusive sneak peek of what you can expect!

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Editor's Note

Singapore is a major metropolis – with towering skyscrapers and shopping malls made of glass and concrete. We are all familiar with this description of our island in the sun, but did you know that Singapore is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna?

This issue, we invite you to walk on Singapore’s ‘wild’ side by visiting the recently opened Kranji Marshes. We also introduce you to some interesting ‘neighbours’ – the rich wildlife that live in our backyard – as well as some native plants that literally have roots in this land of ours!

As we approach the middle of the year and upcoming school holidays, we also find time to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the facilities found in our parks and gardens. And we offer you a very special sneak preview of the Singapore Garden Festival, coming up in July 2016.

As always, there are so many places to explore, and so much to do, so let’s get going!

Felix Siew

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