About Telamonia dimidiata JoannaYeo-20141101-SBWR The Telamonia dimidiata, or the Two-striped Telamonia, is classified as a jumping spider, so called because it is capable of jumping from place to place. It is a commonly found spider in Singapore; its habitat is usually the foliage in wooded environments. It is sexually dimorphic, that is the male and female look different. The male spider grows up to about 8 to 9 mm in size, and its first two pairs of legs are armed with thick brushes of bristles. The female spider can grow larger, up to 11 mm, and is yellow-ish in colour with two long red stripes on its abdomen. Like most spiders, the Telamonia dimidiata feeds on insects like flies and mosquitoes, and helps keep their population in check. Photos by Joanna Yeo

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Singapore Botanic Gardens:

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Main Feature

Singapore Garden Festival 2016: Ideas and Inspiration

Missed the Singapore Garden Festival 2016? Fret not, as we look back at festival favourites and present you with greenery ideas you can incorporate into your daily routines.

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Marine Cove is back, with a large open-air playground for kids to enjoy. Lifestyle
People & Places

Marine Cove Rediscovered

Set sail for the fun times at Marine Cove, which sports an all-new look, great eating options and a large family-friendly playground.

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Dendrobium secundum Lifestyle
Recreation & Activities

Celebrating Singapore’s Native Orchids

Learn about eight Native Orchids of Singapore, and see if you can identify these local beauties the next time you are out exploring our green spaces.

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Photo credit: Mendis Tan, NParks Flora&FaunaWeb Conservation

Spot these Seven Migratory Birds at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve!

Winter is coming… which is why birds are also flying into Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Come and spot seven migratory birds as they make their epic journey to escape the cold up north.

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gardening home Gardening

What a Terra-fic Idea!

Bring a little of the garden into your home or on your office desk. Learn how to build your very own mini terrarium with simple household items and enjoy some greenery indoors.

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Editor's Note

Hello to the second half of 2016!

We have been super busy working on the recently concluded Singapore Garden Festival 2016. Now into its sixth edition, it was bigger and more colourful, dazzling some 400,000 visitors with its world-class floral displays and top-notch exhibits. Missed it? Our volunteer at the Festival shares ideas from the festival you can adopt to bring more greenery into your lives.

We also invite you to look at Marine Cove with refreshed eyes. Most of us have fond memories enjoying happy meals with family and friends there, and it’s now back, with a family-friendly playground and multiple dining options.

If you are looking ahead to the end of the year, you are not alone. Many of our feathered friends are flying into Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, to escape the coming winter months in the Northern hemisphere. Make a trip there to catch these special visitors to Singapore.

As you rush along, always make time to enjoy nature and the greenery around us!

Felix Siew

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